The Clockwork City - Lady Georgia Brunel Mysteries, Book One

Shelley Adina

STEAMPUNK: Widowed Lady Georgia Brunel and her Aunt-in-law Millicent embark upon a much deserved holiday to Venice, Italy. Their plan is to take in the sights, see some exhibitions, and possibly try their hand at painting some of the beautiful scenery. After meeting Sir Francis Thorne and his lovely young daughter, Cora, at an exhibit, Georgia finds herself receiving unwanted attention from Sir Francis during a TBT ball, held by Venetian royalty. She and Aunt Millie escape the ball to return to their villa, only to discover his body on their stairs the next morning. Unhappy with how they are treated by the polizia, they decide to take matters into their own hands to discover the truth. Taking young Cora under their wings and using their connections, the two ladies find themselves delving into the mechanical machinations of a maniacal madman, hell-bent on making himself king by any means necessary.

"The Clockwork City" delivers a suspenseful steampunk mystery with a tick of romance. It rings with charm and provides a thrilling amount of action! The two Ladies Brunel prove to be an alarmingly resourceful duo who are unafraid to step outside their comfort zone to solve a crime they feel indebted to see to its conclusion. With the help of some amazingly well-written and well connected secondary characters, their sleuthing skills are put to the test. Readers will delight in their thrilling adventures and narrow escapes. Ms. Adina manages to release the kraken and submerge readers into the murky depths of murder and mayhem found in the canals of a decadently reimagined Venice, Italy, abound with political maneuvers, courtly manners, and a dash of mystical assistance.

Tonya Mathenia