Reviews - Paranormal

Siren Song

Lexi Darling is a Siren. That wouldn’t be a big deal if she had known she was one from the start. Now she finds out she has mysterious powers, and is able to tempt, seduce and captivate men with her voice. Unfortunately for her she has no knowledge of how, exactly, that works.

Aria Del La Vega is living a rather mundane life until her grandfather passes away leaving her a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After the funeral she decides to go see the gift she's been given.

The Ruby Brooch
Katherine Lowry

After a tragic car crash that killed her parents, Kit MacKlenna makes a startling discovery – she was abandoned as a baby on her parent’s doorstep.

The Royal Elf of Abalon
Anna del C.

Princess Amaria has lived an extremely sheltered life.  Viciously protected from anyone even getting near the young girl, by the Queen Mother, Amaria reaches her sixteenth birthday desperately naive.  But, when crisis strikes and the human kingdom is thrown into war, Amaria is  determined to learn as she secretly sets out to help the wounded in battle.

Alexi is a vampire who did the forbidden thing and fell in love with a mortal. Not only that but he dared to have a child with her. That has made a lot of people unhappy. Mainly, Sebastian, an old and powerful vampire, who has made it his mission to destroy Alexi and his little family.