Siren Song

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Lexi Darling is a Siren. That wouldn’t be a big deal if she had known she was one from the start. Now she finds out she has mysterious powers, and is able to tempt, seduce and captivate men with her voice. Unfortunately for her she has no knowledge of how, exactly, that works. At the same time, she meets a sexy, gorgeous man she wants beyond reason… but, he turns out to be her very ethical, professional boss. Still, Lexi is nothing if not persistent and stubborn when she wants something. But will she be able to tempt Duncan Tremain?
Duncan Tremain has been fighting his wolf his entire life.  Hard to believe a mere slip of a girl, his employee, whom he believes is human, can threaten that self-control. Yet, Lexi, infuriatingly, does. Now he’s in a battle with his wolf, Lexi, and fate. Is one of the most successful businessmen and an Alpha wolf strong enough to win?

What a fun, steamy, action-filled book! There wasn’t a moment where the story lagged or the characters were uninteresting. Every situation was fraught with tension, flirting, and sexual charge. The fact that the main characters are different mythological beings gives it a fun new dimension.  One can’t help but notice, though, that most, if not all, interactions between Lexi and Duncan carried a sexual undertone and ended with sexual behavior. It would have been nice to see the two engage in lighter flirting and longer meaningful conversations, so we could see them getting to know each other. However, Siren Song is a welcome addition to paranormal romance!

Mimi Smith