The Ruby Brooch

Katherine Lowry
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After a tragic car crash that killed her parents, Kit MacKlenna makes a startling discovery – she was abandoned as a baby on her parent’s doorstep. The only clues about her identity are a ruby brooch, a locket with a portrait of a 19th century gentleman and a blood-splattered shawl with a monogrammed M.  Reading her father’s journal makes things even more confusing, he keeps talking about time-travel and the mystical properties of the brooch. The evidence is compelling, and if she wants to learn who she is, she needs to investigate – in 1852, Missouri.

There she meets Cullen Montgomery.  Cullen is a Scotsman lawyer in charge of a cross-country wagon train. He wants nothing to do with the head-strong woman, unless of course she is willing to have an affair. But, as the time goes on, and he learns more about her, her love of music, her courage, her strengths and vulnerabilities, he falls in love with her. She has secrets that could tear them apart. But surely love will prevail, won’t it?

A truly spectacular book! It’s a heart-breaking and dramatic saga with a dash of angst that pulls the reader in and won’t let go!  Cullen and Kit are a pair of star-crossed (or better yet, time-crossed) lovers that everyone will cheer for. Both are strong, resourceful and yet softhearted and always willing to help. The way they fell in love despite their resistance, how they managed to find that elusive happily-ever-after despite the odds not being in their favor - makes for a fantastic story, one that no one should not miss out on!

Ana Smith