The Royal Elf of Abalon

Anna del C.
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Princess Amaria has lived an extremely sheltered life.  Viciously protected from anyone even getting near the young girl, by the Queen Mother, Amaria reaches her sixteenth birthday desperately naive.  But, when crisis strikes and the human kingdom is thrown into war, Amaria is  determined to learn as she secretly sets out to help the wounded in battle. Little does she know that her life is about to change in ways so drastic, she will never be the same.

Kurzan has come with a contingent of elves to help the humans prevail in their fight for freedom. Here, he meets and instantly recognizes his soulmate in Amaria.  He does not realize, however, that the beautiful girl so selflessly helping others is really the crown princess.

As Kurzan and Amaria get to know each other, the bond they feel cannot be denied.  But, can they overcome the many almost insurmountable obstacles that threaten to destroy their happiness? Secrets and betrayal, lies and heartache all seem to combine to insure happiness stays only a dream.

Fantasy, with a bit of fairytale best describes this easy, enjoyable story of love and betrayal. The characters are well defined, the worlds are believable and the plot interesting.  Only two things keep it from being a solid five star read. First, the writing never rises above basic.  Sentences seem short and elementary or are peppered with numerous “ands”.  Second, the overall length needed a good bit of editing.  What meandered through 461 pages would have riveted at 350 pages.  Still, the underlying story is enjoyable enough to keep one reading for that happily-ever-after.

TJ Mackay