Be Careful What You Wish For

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Alexi is a vampire who did the forbidden thing and fell in love with a mortal. Not only that but he dared to have a child with her. That has made a lot of people unhappy. Mainly, Sebastian, an old and powerful vampire, who has made it his mission to destroy Alexi and his little family.

Alexi and Cassandra had a turbulent courtship (which apparently happened in the first book of the series, "The Man of My Dreams"), and when it finally looks as if they may have their Happily Ever After, strange things begin happening – Cassie’s friend Maria is dreaming of a vampire, Alexi meets his family for the first time since his transformation, all in all not a restful life.

These days there is a deluge of vampire books, some good, some not so much. Unfortunately this one is not so good. The massive amount of characters and story lines is overwhelming; it’s pretty hard to get a grip on who’s who. Some of the story lines seem pretty irrelevant, like the first third of the book that shows how the villain, Sebastian, became a vampire in the first place.  Then there’s Alexi and Cassie, we are told that they are in love, they have a baby, and then we see them fight evil, with almost no attention given to their relationship. The book might be better suited for someone who has read the first book, who knows the characters and the story. It is definitely not a stand-alone.

Ana Smith