The House (A Curse Breaker's Novel)


Aria Del La Vega is living a rather mundane life until her grandfather passes away leaving her a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After the funeral she decides to go see the gift she's been given.

Stunned by the beauty of the house, she immediately falls in love with the property. Dominic and Drake are twin brothers who have been maintaining the property. Dominic is handsome and kind, whereas Drake is broody and dark. Within 48 hours Aria is attacked by an unseen entity.
Melissa and Amy are Aria's best friends. Melissa soon visits and helps research the property and its spectral visitors. Along with Amy and her Native American grandmother, they realize there is a 130 year old curse on the land Aria now owns. A blood curse that only Aria can remove.

The House is a delightful romp through all the emotions one hopes to feel while reading a novel. This book is full of wonderful characters, true friends, romance, love, fear, anger, and good versus evil. Aria is a strong female who loves deeply, be it friend or lover and who has the inner strength to fight her fear, and an evil entity. This book is passionate and steamy, full of emotional depth, and paints a vivid picture of a whirlwind romance that leaves you sighing and wanting more!

Tonya Smalley