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Tom, Becoming
Diane Stringam

Thomas Burroughs is a cold harsh businessman who doesn’t care for anyone but himself. When Thomas fires a young woman, it stays in his mind. Thomas is not used to anything bothering him, especially firing someone. Still, it makes Thomas realize how much people barely tolerate him, including his wife and sons, who leave him anyway.

As a priest in a small-town village, one might expect Penny White’s life would be rather bland and boring. It’s anything but, though. Dealing with parallel worlds, roaming with mythical creatures, and dealing with the demanding vampire population roaming through her town, she has more than enough on her plate. Then, Penny is enrolled to help bring back a stolen submarine to Britain.

Logan lost his wife in the Spanish War yet is still overcome with grief ten years later as he searches for any woman who resembles her. By chance he comes across such a woman, and, make no mistake, it is his wife after all, as if she has come back from the dead. He confronts her only to discover she does not remember him at all.

Jacob McNamara, a.k.a. Dead Eye Jake, is a pirate who is soon to meet his match. When he raids a French ship bound for England with a lucrative cargo, his crew discovers a woman among the loot. It is not just any woman but the daughter of a nobleman. Seeing dollars signs flash before his eyes, he plans to ransom her.

Clinging to the Stars

Brendon Roth has big plans to leave his mundane life in Boston and travel in search of adventure. His plans come to an end when his mother is rushed to emergency, and he must stay to help with the family restaurant. He meets Olivia Price by chance and begins to feel like his luck may have changed for the better.