The Replacement (A Culling of Blood and Magic #1)


Emery Montgomery doesn’t want to compete for the heart of a vampire prince, but when her twin is tragically killed, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She has been chosen by the silver band of the Culling, and, for now, she must abide by its demands. In an archaic version of The Bachelor, August Nicholson must choose his mate. All of the women are boring and cut from the same cloth. All, except for Emery. He’s instantly drawn to her, and the more she fights, the more his interest grows. It’s a connection Emery shares, but is determined to fight. She has secrets she doesn’t want him to discover, and she has to solve her twin sister’s murder before she finds herself as the next target.

“The Replacement” is a magical, captivating, romance that will leave readers swooning and begging for more! Warning: it ends on a cliffhanger. “The Replacement” is the beginning of a paranormal duology full of passion. Emery is a lead heroine full of sass. Her internal struggle is one many readers will be able to relate to as she sorts through her feelings for the leading men of the book. The chemistry she has with each one makes it obvious why she can’t make any clear choices. The book is so much more than a romance, though. There is rich character development all around, lies to sift through, and murder to solve. Overall, this is a fast paced book that readers will be sucked into! This is a great read for fans of paranormal romances, and lovers of vampires!

Chelsea Andersen