The First Heartbreak


Travis is Kennedy’s Achilles heel and vice versa. She hopes that being home again in Brookhaven after her eighteen years away in New York City is an easy transition. Her ballet career - now over from injury - she really has no choice. Her aging parents are now in a care home, she needs to renovate her child hood home, and has accepted a job to teach ballet classes at the local studio. Travis is on the Brookhaven police force, along with his brother, father and best friend. When a call comes in about a break in, Travis is spun right back to when he broke Kennedy’s heart to made sure she followed her dreams, something she had no idea about. Will this second chance give them the ending they both want? Or will the past get in the way?

“The First Heartbreak” is truly the hardest, and the one that every single reader will relate to. First love is portrayed well in this second chance at love trope. The endearing characters prove thoughtful and caring, and Travis shows responsibly for his actions and his continued feelings for Kennedy by taking care of Kennedy’s parents with yard work and odd tasks. Even with much predictability to the plotline, the stalker portion adds great drama to the story. Although this is not an uncommon trope, readers cannot help but to fall in love with this tale and all the characters involved - along with their family members. This book launches another series by Ms. Bailey, and readers will be immediately drawn in! A must-read for lovers of sexy cops and small town romance. 

Viola Robbins