Untamed Devil (Nashville Devils #2)


Elle’s in Nashville for a break from her parents and the job that awaits her at her father’s business. She has been groomed her entire life to be the one to take over. Her sister, Lucy, wasn’t going to stick around and allow her father to call the shots in her life. Lucy works with the hockey team in town and introduces her sister to some of her ‘work’ friends. Elle and Tag have an immediate connection. Tag, the playboy who just does one night stands, has a run for his money when Elle takes his heart for a spin. Tag’s left with his nine-year-old niece, scrambling figuring out how to navigate this new arena of parenthood. Elle takes her time with Tag in stride and knows she is short term… what she isn’t prepared for are the feelings that flood her once she heads home. 

“Untamed Devil” is hot enough to melt the ice rink with tons passion and purpose! Ms. Ivers has delivered yet another great story with a lovable, broody hockey player, and a Southern belle. This is book two in the series and stands on its own but also has repeat character updates from the first book. The complex family dynamics that lead to life altering affects are well portrayed on many fronts. The author’s writing style is quick witted and she creates great characters. Chloe will definitely bring a smile to reader’s faces. The plot has a steady flow, the tug of war on emotions is believable, yet the limited time stamp on the relationship is slightly overdone. The team bond and the family bond are parallels that move this story along at great pace. Unputdownable!

Viola Robbins