The Axiom Paradox (Legend of Light Book 1)


SCI-FI: Zorina is fresh out of the academy and determined to be an asset, but her estrangement from her father, the Chancellor, inhibits her ability to be taken seriously. Varick is not fully human, so he must hide his identity since he is the sole survivor of a complete society termination. Colobus is the medic on the team but has a secret. Together, they make a team that is always at odds with each other--especially Varick and Zorina. On a mission, they come across a Rogstot that controls minds and the IGC has labeled a terrorist. In clear defiance of her orders, Zorina insists they take the Rogstot into custody for questioning. This decision sets off a chain reaction that will have disastrous consequences.

With a Star Trek vibe, the action takes off from the very first page! This book will have readers trying to determine what is the truth and what is a lie. There are definitely several twists and turns! Unfortunately, some heavy, stilted dialogue takes away from any development of the plot and the characters. While the characters are definitely unique, they can be quite confusing. Varick wants to work for the IGC even though they slaughtered his entire family? In fact, Varick is haunted by the memories and the same lines are repeated quite often. Added to that, Zorina’s rash decision-making will give the readers whiplash. The action is really the strong point and there is a lot of setup for book two, which leads to a massive cliffhanger at the end. Despite its flaws, this book is a good start to a series!

Amanda Hupe