Damning the Dead (The Dead Series Book 3)


Hyacinth can’t seem to get a grip on her current situation. Her nephew Geordi is with a demon named Jason while she is cleaning up the previous incident. The Burke’s tried to use a stone to release Satan and utilize his powers. With that now behind them, she should get a break right? Wrong. The archangel Michael needs her to collect more of his rocks that retain some of his power. In the wrong hands, the rocks could bring about the end of the world. After collecting her nephew, she is on a mission to collect the rocks, but Geordi’s powers are increasing. In fact, his powers are unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Jason is the only one that can help her, but their connection complicates everything.

Picking up right where the second book left off, “Damning the Dead” treads through the murky waters of who to trust: demons, the dead, or angels. And the answer isn’t as clear as one would think. When it comes to demons and angels there is an assumption that one side is good and the other is evil, that is not the case here. One of the best aspects of this series is that nothing is certain. The story’s pace moves well, and there are some wonderful twists and turns. Not only that, but the characters are intriguing. There is one joke that seemed problematic, but overall, many readers will love the sharp wit and sarcasm. However, be prepared for yet another cliffhanger—otherwise, this read is absolutely worth it!

Amanda Hupe