Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Naphil’s Kiss

Sarahri is the daughter of the demon Lilith and a human. Shes a succubus whose enemy is the Nephilim. Sarahi hates being a succubus.

The Seer’s Lover
de Falla

Red eyes? White eyes? Gray eyes? Each color disclosed what side of the war between Good and Evil an individual fought on Angel, Demon, or Human.

COMEDY:  Maple Lane returns home after being away at college.

Prince Kian is getting desperate. No matter what he tries, he cant break the curse the queen laid on him. He is thrilled when something finally goes right and he summons a witch successfully.

Demon Bonds (Psy Demons #1)

Ginny Blackwell knows nothing of freedom. She spent her life as a slave to people who constantly abused her. It all starts to change on her 20th birthday when she comes into her psychic demon powers.