Star of Wonder (2021 Holiday Romance Collection #1)

Chasity Bowlin, Caroline Lee, Meara Platt, Alexa Aston, Emily EK Murdoch, Elisa Braden, C.H. Admirand, Nicole Locke,
Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Abigail Bridges, Veronica Crowe, E. Elizabeth Watson, and Anna Markland

ANTHOLOGY: Star of Wonder is a collection of historical novellas that are inspired by classic Christmas Carols. For instance, “The 12 Days of Christmas” song is the inspiration behind Luke St. Clair when he gives his wife a new Christmas gift each day leading up to the most heartwarming gift of all! There is even a story inspired by the fun, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” song where a woman named Marie is hoping to marry Neacal but a snowstorm has him delayed. However, with the help of her spunky Nan, all may be saved. But that is not all, there are eleven other stories that are bound to entertain readers. The tales are not connected in any way, despite being inspired by Christmas Carols. Although the stories may not be historically accurate, they are definitely inventive! Readers will be transported to Scotland and England and even the time periods vary. Most of the tales take place during the Regency period but readers will be pleasantly surprised that there is a variety.  The steam ratings also fluctuate from sweet kisses to more hot and heavy scenes.
Historical romance lovers will adore this collection of clever novellas for the holidays. Returning readers from previous anthologies will even be surprised to see some familiar characters like the loving St. Clair family from Alexa Aston’s The St. Clair Series. There are also some character spin offs from other novellas like Roddy McClane from Elizabeth Ellen Carter’s Deceiving the Duke.

While many of the stories are filled with the holiday spirit and exciting storylines, there are a few that don’t have that same consistency. Their pacing leaves much to be desired, but that does not spoil the entire anthology. So pour yourself a glass of eggnog, sit by the tree, and transport yourself into some classic Christmas Carol narratives.

Amanda Hupe