That's Why the Lady is a Tramp (The Unsuitable Brides Book 1)


Sam Rathborne-Paxton and his three brothers are in a mess since their father, the Marquess of Vegas, lost all their funds to the ultimate villain. The brothers must put their heads together and marry rich women without letting the villain have all the power over their carefully constructed reputations. At first, Sam seeks out Alice Woodmont, his mistress, to help him find a bride. However, Alice may just be the key to the solution of the brothers’ power problems. Unfortunately, what Sam doesn’t know is that his dear Alice and her son Ryan are poor due to the unexpected loss of her investments. Will Sam and Alice’s love persevere when they discover the truth about one another?

Captivating, cute, and anything but cliché, this novel brings a brand-new storyline that will give one a well-awaited break from the worry about reputations and simply focus on the love. Nonetheless, issues with the plot remain, including the fact that Alice and Sam are already in love to start with, with no build-up in sight. It introduces a new concept, but it can be boring when readers don’t see any character development. This novel is still well-written, but the historical accuracy of everything seems to be tossed out the window. There’s some romance in worrying about just love, but in true society, reputation would not be so easily pushed to the side in the 19th century. The story of Sam and Alice still captures the attention of the readers, but the storyline moves too fast and contains too many conflicts, potentially leaving the reader feeling lost on the way. Nonetheless, this novel will still satisfy a reader’s historical cravings.

Austen Grace