My Lord, My Rogue (Noble Hearts Book 4)

St. Claire

Lady Honora made one mistake and now she is paying for it. While her betrothed was fighting in the war, she ends up dancing with a handsome stranger. She jilts her betrothed and marries this man who she believes has the best intentions, but it turns out he is abusive. The only way to protect herself and her unborn child is to fake her own death and go into hiding. Years later, her former betrothed, Adam, and childhood friend, Benjamin see Honora out riding. Now her secret is out and she must tell her story. Benjamin has always felt something for Honora but stood on the side but cannot deny his feelings for her.  However, since her absence from society, the future of Honora and her son is filled with uncertainty.

It just goes to show in this historical romance how one bad decision can change the course of one’s life. This book would have been more impactful if it had been a full length novel. At just about 150 pages, it has a lot of information, which had a direct effect on the lack of development of the characters and even the lack of chemistry between Honora and Benjamin. It is important to note that the subject matter within this book is very important. Abusive relationships are a common occurrence today as well as in history. Survivors are given little choice on how to escape such dangerous relationships, if at all. Reading about Honora’s experience shines a light on the plight of abused survivors. Readers will need tissues while they read this tragically beautiful story and will be sucked in to reading the other books in the series.

Amanda Hupe