A Room in Blake’s Folly

J. Arlene

Blake’s Folly is a town where anything can happen - and it does - both good and bad. Going through time, an array of different characters have graced the Mizpah Saloon with their presence. Three generations that resulted from a love triangle tell their stories of how they came to be, and how they ended up. The stories of the couples involved appear in different time periods, showing the changes of the town and the Saloon. Going through the different times, the Mizpah Salloon may not change much with regards to its décor, but the lives of those involved will change as their stories are told. Join the characters in the west and savor their journeys as they find their other halves - and happiness.

This is an interesting book in which all the characters throughout the generations are connected. However, it can get confusing to keep up with exactly who is related to who. The stories are varied and take the reader on a fun ride, and there are some feel good aspects that have a lot of warm and fuzzies. The descriptions of the various periods in which the book takes place are accurate, and it is clear that Ms. Culiner has done research with regards to the times showcased. There are moments that slow down and disturb the flow of the book, but it soon picks up again. This tale has a lot of potential. Readers of historical romance will enjoy this offering and the variety of characters that learn about themselves and find love.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick