You’ve Got An Earl (Determined Debutantes #2)


Percival is the Earl of Plymouth and his aunt is demanding that he marry. After what happened to his parents, marriage is the last thing on his mind. So his friend helps him procure an actress and plans to be caught in a compromising position. He hopes that as a result, the requests for marriage will cease. Sabrina Holt finds herself in the library at the ball and Earl Percival begins to kiss her and his aunt walks in. So now she and the earl have made a contract. She will be in a faux betrothal with him and he will provide an investment for her to open a dress shop. It seems like the perfect arrangement, but they both start developing feelings for each other.

Get ready to flush with second-hand embarrassment and maybe chuckle at this charming mess of a situation in this historical romance! The classic phrase “wrong place at the wrong time” is how this book begins. While there are moments of hilarity–like when a wife dumps a bowl of gravy onto her husband, some moments are just cringeworthy. Both of the main characters have zero backbone. They just let everyone around them say or do whatever they want, regardless of the insult. However, they do have wonderful chemistry, and of course, they will deny it for as long as possible. The issue is when a problem arises, they come up with a solution that is not always an intelligent one. There is no doubt that readers will be entertained throughout this short historical romance.

Amanda Hupe