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Spirits of the Heart
Claire Gem,
Narrator: Cheyenne Bizon

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Laura Horton is an addiction counselor who returns from college to live with an old friend and begin her career. What her friend failed to tell her, however, was that the living situation had some last minute changes—mainly that her friend was moving out, and her now ex-boyfriend was remaining in the house.

Forbidden By Destiny

MULITI-CULTURAL:  Leyla is dreading the encounter with Ben. She is at his house to collect her best friend's items, left behind after a recent break up. Since she would do anything for her friend Sara, she will load up a few boxes and be on her way. Ben is surprised to see Leyla at his door. The small spark of attraction seems to take them both off guard.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Callie Sinclair has a gift: she can sense and speak to ghosts. When Mrs. Turner, a lonely widow from an old family farm, reaches out to her for help, it doesn’t take Callie long to realize that the presence on Hillwood Farm is real… and dangerous. Adding to the complications is Mrs. Turner’s nephew, Luke, a drop-dead gorgeous skeptic.

Still recovering from a nasty divorce from her thieving, lying ex-husband, Luce simply want to rest, recover, and recuperate in her hometown of Eureka, Arkansas. What she doesn’t expect is a run-in with — and an instant attraction to — the awkward boy she used to tutor in high school. The boy has grown up into quite a handsome, if emotionally wounded, young man.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  In the near future, the United States as we understand it, no longer exists. The new government, the Metrics, holds its citizens hostage in a labyrinth of coercion and terror and only those who have escaped know the truth. Now, any hope of liberation lies in the hands of Bristol, Samara, Stephen, Denver, and Jude, who are now living as refugees in the UK.