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A Regency Christmas

“A Regency Christmas Story”: Penelope Cooper pinches pennies and barely makes ends meet. She is chagrinned to learn her younger brother has gambled away more than their quarterly allotment, and Lord Leighton has come to collect. He wants her virtue until he sees the many kind acts Penelope does, then he sees her in a different light.

Vivia Tripoli is a writer who interviews people with tarnished reputations and gives them a second chance. She has no idea who she will be interviewing next, but hopes it is not Duke Benton, the man who broke her heart. This interview will include a twelve page photo spread, so she knows whoever it is is important.

Dexter Hart beats Alderly at cards, winning everything he owns. Alderly insists on a chance to win it back, so Dexter makes a proposition: they will draw for the high card. If Alderly wins, his riches are restored. If Dexter wins, he gets the hand of Alderly’s eldest daughter in marriage, with his blessing.

Living a pampered life in a castle of splendor, Verona is preparing for her mother’s coronation. All of the firstborn Sirens in the family have been queens of their realm, but Verona does not ever see herself wearing the crown. She has not come into her colors or powers yet. Apparently she is a late bloomer. Suddenly, during the coronation, a disturbance creates mass hysteria.

LGBTQ: Aiden Mercer gave up his life as a detective for a life on the beach where he can have all the noncommittal relationships he desires—oh, and also to avoid any magical creatures. Somehow, he is gifted with the ability to detect magical creatures. But soon trouble finds him in paradise as the deaths of magical creatures start adding up. Now, enter Nael Fouchard, a merman.