Legacy of Hunger: An Irish Historical Fantasy Family Saga (Druids Brooch Series Book 1)


FANTASY: Valentia McDowell yearns to visit Ireland to find her grandmother's family and the brooch she left behind. Her father eventually allows her to leave and soon she is crossing the Atlantic on a steamship. The journey is not without its perils. Valentia arrives on Irish shores nearly destroyed by malaria which she caught aboard ship. Her maid nurses her back to health. While at the spa, Valentia learns about the plight of the Irish under English rule, and the famine spreading across the country. With her maid, a guide, and a coachman, she sets out to find her family. But with little information to go on, they face a long odyssey. Valentia will discover a great deal on this trip, about herself, about human nature, and about the legacy that is her destiny.

"Legacy of Hunger" spins an Irish tale of a young woman on a quest searching for answers that will lead to a discovery that will change her life forever! Set in 1845, the story begins in Pittsburgh and New York, then centers on Ireland. Valentia McDowell is a strong-willed and compassionate heroine who grows into the woman she is meant to be. Her goal, however, to find her grandmother's family gets lost in the details of her travels and never feels urgent enough for the reader to fully invest in. The story tends to meander from one event to another, and the fantasy element seems additional rather than integral to the plot. Nonetheless, "Legacy of Hunger" captures the beauty and hungry spirit of the Irish, and highlights the bonds of family and friendship!

Tricia Hill