Legacy of Truth: An Irish Historical Fantasy Family Saga (Druids Brooch Series Book 2)


FANTASY: In 1787, Esme Doherty lives with her family on their farm. Unfortunately, her father is an inept farmer and the land fails to prosper. Her malicious twin will do anything to escape poverty. One day her grandfather visits and gives her a magical brooch that enables her to know when people lie. Not long after, her parents choose to immigrate to America. Esme decides to marry a tinker and leave the town. She has no wish to follow her husband as he moves around to sell his wares, so he settles her in a cottage in a mountain village by the sea. Often alone and with hostile neighbors, life is harsh. Esme suffers from miscarriages and her husband's misplaced jealousy. Her twin visits and steals the magical brooch. Esme must get back the brooch to restore balance, but at what sacrifice to her soul?

Like a panoramic mural, "Legacy of Truth" chronicles the triumphs and tribulations of a young Irish woman as she seeks to carve out her destiny! Esme's compassion and honesty stand in contrast to her twin's and engage the reader right away. Once she marries, however, the story gets bogged down in the minutiae and struggles of her daily life. It's difficult to stay hopeful for Esme when she suffers successive miscarriages, domestic violence, attempted rape, and depression. Though mostly alluded to, she also develops a sexual relationship with a female friend. The magical brooch intrigues and tantalizes, but questions surround it. "Legacy of Truth" will appeal to historical fiction fans searching for some Irish magic mixed with the ruggedness of the land and the resiliency of its people!

Tricia Hill