Breath to Bear - Blood and Bone Series, Book 2


Haunted by his past, suffering from writer's block, and his sobriety, Jack’s unable to complete the album he started with Mia. Recognizing she's lost her journalistic objectivity by falling into bed - and in love with Jack, Erin quits her job for a music blog magazine to become a freelance reporter, and the ghost writer for his tell-all memoir. After a year of helping Jack transfer his life to the page, Erin realizes she can’t continue hoping she can get Jack to forget Mia. She walks away from Jack and takes a journey to find herself and what her future holds. Once again in love with two women, Jack takes his own journey to come to terms with his past, lay his demons to rest, and see if his love for Erin is strong enough to build a future. 

"Breath to Bear" sings with a harmonious tribute on how friends, family, and forgiveness can drown out past heartbreaks and lead to love. Characters with pasts they need to work through will take readers on a heart-wrenching yet promising ride, where creative, passionate souls are determined to fight their demons and hopefully find love. The character combinations of friends and family relationships are integral accompaniments. Self-doubt, guilt, and second guessing are the main villains to overcome; but a sleazy jerk oozes onto the pages too. The nomadic lifestyle of artists provides the perfect tempo to the story’s pace. Readers will applaud the continuing compassionate dialogue on addiction, sobriety, and loving someone - flaws and all. Ms. Dombrowiak releases her sophomore album, oops! second installment, with humor, passion, an ever present love for music, and second chances. Mic drop!

Tonya Mathenia