The Binding Stone - The Djinn , Book 1


After a 100 year nap, Djinn Leela is awakened when Jered, a handsome young magician, is unable to deny the compulsion to buy the opal ring matching the choker binding her to its owner.  Jered and his best friend Gabe are pulled into a magical world where power hungry magicians enslave Djinns. Memories of her horrific past rush back to haunt her, and her nightmares come to life when Jered's absentee father turns out to be her original master, Achan, who plans to steal Jered’s body and make her his slave again. Achan’s thirst for power and immortality and the arrival of the evil magicians who tortured her millennia ago are obstacles that need to disappear before Leela’s wish for freedom, and her love for Jered, can come true.

Filled with magic and mayhem, "The Binding Stone" delivers a tale of twisted desires, lust for power, and a love strong enough to break the chains of betrayal. Betrayal and enslavement mixed with a teasing hope for future freedom will capture reader's attention and induce them to invest in this unconventional love story. Although Jered’s idealistic optimism is the perfect foil to Leela’s cynicism, the fait accompli of their intense feelings for each other is lacking explanation or development. Supporting characters provide humor and compelling back stories. Villains are worthy of dislike with plenty of evil, twisted, and malicious machinations. Ms. Gayle's first installment to a world where magic, treachery, and passion will ensnare imaginations is a compelling debut, sure to gather fans hungry for more. However, be warned, if you're looking for the rom-com flavor of I Dream of Jeannie, this isn’t the book for you!

Tonya Mathenia