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Rebecca, Lady Cornish, has lost not one husband, but two, earning her the title of the Black Widow. Shunned by members of society, the young widow focuses on raising her young son and preventing her husband's relatives from taking him from her. Ludovic Dunne specializes in solving tricky problems, and when he is approached to learn all he can about the Black Widow, he is intrigued.

disappeared with rumors swirling that he had tried to overthrow his older brother. Gage did what he had to do to survive and now he is back on English territory, part of a mercenary army paid to settle a dispute between neighbors. Wynter is shocked to run into Gage for he is no longer the young compassionate man she remembers, but a warrior made of ice.

Julia Darley finds out that her friend, Pasha, is in fact Darius Kir Khan Qajar, Prince of Persia. She thought he was just a stable hand, but that doesn’t change anything. This isn’t the only secret that Pasha is hiding; he has quite a few. One of the main ones being that he is in love with Julia and wishes for nothing more than to be with her.

Witch’s Gamble (Witches of Vegas 3)
Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeffery Lynn Hutchins

YOUNG ADULT/PARANORMAL: Vampires Isis and Zack have been living in relative peace with the witches of New Salem for nearly 200 years. Together, they’ve built a community and helped raise the next generation of witches. When Isis wakes up to discover that not only is Zack gone, but the world has been thrown into chaos, she learns that her ancient rival Valeria is the root cause.

Red Cicada

All Lana Baker knew was what she was told by her father… NO x-rays, EVER. That is until Lana finds herself in the hospital after passing out at work. Lana’s life and all she knows comes into question when tests show there is something embedded in Lana's skull - a small disc with Cyrillic letters that translates to “red cicada”. And Lana knew nothing about it.