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Katherine Bingham is an English lady by birth, but an Irish lass by inclination. The intrepid daughter of Connacht Governor Richard Bingham and the most hated enemy of Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley is drawn to Grace’s grandson, the refreshingly thoughtful Thomas Esmonde, at first sight.

WESTERN:  After a nasty divorce and then a fatal shooting, Trevor returns to the Diamond D Ranch to help out the owner, Rocky Dillinger.  He plans to get his head on straight, avoid the press, and most importantly stay away from women.  After being physically attacked, Ketra has spent the last two years secluded at her uncle’s ranch where she trains horses while keeping her distance from men.

After inheriting a small fortune from her grandmother, Diana decides to take an adventure during the Christmas holiday.

Winter Thorne has been secretly in lust and in love with Zane Carlyle for as long as she can remember. Zane has also secretly carried a torch for “Win” since spying on her and her sisters playing in the fields of their family’s estate. After an unsatisfying sexual encounter, a heated argument results in Winnie casting a revengeful memory spell.

Zadicayn is the last wizard and has been locked up for three hundred years. If he dies, the Faewraith will kill all the humans on earth, and people will cease to exist. Brynella is working with her friend, Joseara, a known thief, to help Zadicayn escape, but the church and three prominent families want to keep him imprisoned and will do all they can to ensure Zadicayn is locked up once again.