Recent Reviews

The Garden (Epitaph #7)

Brian Benson has taken on a new job as a horticulturist at a local tourist destination called Haley Gardens. He is pretty sure that as the new guy his initiation period will be multiple pranks at his expense. However, when pranks turn and are aimed at Gwen Haley, the situation turns deadly. Gwen's grandparents created the gardens.

Tori is the hot blonde wearing the ‘Rock Band News’ t-shirt. Great! Noah King and his band, Iron Rogue, have a quick interview scheduled with her after their concert. Then they can be on their way to their hometown in Iowa for a much-needed break. When their interview is cut short Tori is desperate to get the scoop on the secret meaning of the band’s lyrics.

My Secret Vampire

PARANORMAL:  Quentin Etheridge is the nephew of Count Dracula. Gifted with immortality by his uncle after being fatally injured in the same car accident that killed his mother, Quentin will be 19 years old forever.  He glories in his eternal youth, wasting time and money in the most hedonistic ways possible.

The Sugar Merchant

Thomas Woodward, merchant of Al-Qahirah, is the main character in this first-person saga set during the years just prior to the Great Crusades.  Orphaned as a young boy when Flemish mercenaries sack his village, Thomas finds himself rescued from a beggar’s life by the monks of Eynsham Abbey.  In exchange for his salvation, Thomas must pledge fealty to the Abbott and his brother monks.

HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  In Britain, rival tribal rulers are fighting each other for power while the Romans threaten to invade at any moment. Catrin, daughter of King Amren, must prove her loyalty to her father by forsaking her Roman lover, Marcellous, and defending her kingdom, even if this ultimately leads to her death.