The Third Gambit (Order’s Last Play Book 2)

Young Adult

FANTASY: Devon, Lyle, Lawrence, and Evan Lauduethe are brothers destined to become the leaders of Rema. Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence have abandoned their lives on earth to train to lead this planet they have never heard of. They also are getting to know their brother Evan who has been working toward this prophesy for longer. These four brothers are prophesied not only to lead but through their choices to decide the outcome of an intergalactic war. Order, the god that they are working to put into power has sent the Lauduethe brothers on separate missions to find stones that will hone their powers and allow the prophesy to come to fruition. The brothers must choose to follow Orders instructions or abandon what they have been told by Order and serve her son Pandemonium the god on the other side of this intergalactic war.

E. Ardell creates mesmerizing new worlds lush with unimaginable vegetation and new dialects. Sometimes the new verbiage can be hard to understand, and yet it lends a reality to these new worlds that are so different from Earth. Each chapter focuses on a different brother’s story. Sometimes it can be hard to recall what world you are on and who is leading the mission as the brothers have very similar voices. There seems to be a lot more to the story than is in this book and reading the first in the series should help to clear up some of that. For readers looking for adventure and new worlds to explore, this intergalactic novel will take you on an unforgettable journey and leave you eager to explore more.

Cara Cieslak