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Valerian St-Amand is a centuries-old vampire on an altruistic mission to help new vampires adapt and survive. Maisie Thibodeau is a powerful witch sent by her coven to rein in one of Valerian’s more precocious immortals. When the vampire she is tasked with controlling is viciously attacked, Maisie quickly assumes the role of protector.

Edmund Knight is a vicar with a unique calling. He’s made it his business to save as many young women from forced prostitution as he can, no matter how many enemies it wins him. Lady Isabella Hartmere thinks her father is finally bringing her to London to enjoy the theatre. Instead, she’s handed over to a madame, stripped, and put up for auction at a brothel.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Geneva Ericksen has more psychic power than she can handle. Rolf Jorgensen is the only one who can help her control it, but they go together like oil and water. She’s harboring deep resentment from their past, and he’s hiding a deadly secret. As paired operatives of the U. S.

Eve of Darkness (The Dark Age Chronicles)
T.L. Bailey
Narrator: Wesley Bruff

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  1717, a period of darkness. The world is struggling to survive as it is overrun by pirates, and those in power who seek to abuse those beneath their position. All of this is fueled by an even more terrifying force of evil. Eve, a girl born with a mark on her hand, has been deemed the chosen one to stop this darkness.

Rhett Bishop has officially been made an agent of Redclaw Security. Her first official mission: pose as a housewife, complete with a fake husband. Agent Peter Knight is that husband, a circumstance complicated by the fact that she has genuine feelings for him—feelings he reciprocates.