Out of Poland

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

HISTORICAL THRILLER: This short audiobook details the events that lead to the start of the R-Group, which fights cyber-terrorism and evil in many forms. It’s 1939 and Poland has just been invaded by Germany. Polish citizens flee for their lives just ahead of the German army. Along the way, three young men learn the location of an Enigma machine that could turn the tide of the war. Ferdek, Wolfgang and Tavius liberate it from its hiding place in Poland, and hope to deliver it to the British Ambassador in Romania. The Germans are aware that it has been stolen, and will do anything--and kill anyone--to stop them. This story is fraught with danger and tension, and these characters must rely on intelligence and creativity to survive each threat they encounter.

This story is edge-of-your-seat amazing!  There is a lot of action, tension and danger packed into a two-and-a-half hour audiobook. Readers are immersed in the drama and tension from the first chapter, yet there is a sense of loss and sadness that remains in the background for much of this story. War is horrid, and this audiobook doesn’t sugar-coat it. It is gritty, and the German invasion is ugly, and readers will truly understand this after listening to this tale.

Derek Shoales does a wonderful job of portraying each of these characters. Each voice has its own unique intonations and accents and it is very easy to follow the storyline through each character. Even the female characters sound like distinct women, even though the narrator is a man. He is also able to convey aged characters contrasted with youthful characters all through the different machinations of his voice. Shoales is an extremely talented and capable narrator!

Carey Sullivan