The High-Society Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 5)


Richard Blackwood has settled in Little Creede. After traveling to bring home his cantankerous granny Zinnia, he is trying to move on and nurse his broken heart. When Evelyn Calhoun, the high society sweetheart who broke his heart, shows up looking for his protection there is no way he can turn her away. Richard will marry and protect Evelyn. But he cannot hope for her love because he cannot risk his broken heart again. But will either of them be happy with a loveless marriage when they both have so much love still in their hearts? And can they make a life for themselves in this desolate western town when Evelyn was raised to make an advantageous marriage and manage a household of servants not be a housewife in the west?

Richard is a steady reliable man. Evelyn is a high society woman bred to marry well. When the two are together sparks fly. Though Evelyn is determined to work hard and not disappoint Richard, often times her efforts at homemaking have hilarious results as she struggles to learn her duties. Through his patient understanding and her genuine efforts, they begin to rekindle the passion that brought them together in the first place. The west is not a tame place and dangers abound. As deputy, Richard is in the line of fire sometimes quite literally. This book is the final in a series of five but can easily be read and enjoyed on its own. With action, romance, and good humor this is a western romance you won’t want to put down.

Cara Cieslak