Timeless Regency Collection: A Seaside Summer

Josi S. Kilpack, Heather B. Moore, Martha Keyes
Narrator: Kim Bretton

HISTORICAL: In “The New Countess,” Diane and Michael are married, but living as strangers with each other. They were both married before, but both spouses have passed away. Michael is an Earl who lives very formally. Diane prefers simplicity, but communicating that to Michael gets complicated. They have to figure out how to share the things they really matter to them. In “Mishaps and Memories,” James Carlisle makes a careless comment at a dinner party in Brighton, which destroys Judith Jardine’s hopes for a good marriage. Later, he washes ashore near her sister’s home, injured and with amnesia. Judith decides to teach him humility. In “Moonlight Summer,” Dotty Atkinson and Oscar Rosewell meet unexpectedly because of a hat mishap. She feels adrift, as her whole life is now different. Her mother pushes her into accepting an unwanted marriage proposal with a stranger, while she enjoys a budding friendship with Oscar. He has been shunned by society for a decade, because of his father. She seeks love and he wants acceptance.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of depth in each of these three novellas. Each author gets to the heart of the story quickly, giving listeners a delightful listening experience! Each story captures the listener's attention handily, and holds it until the end. The pace is on point, and the tension is mostly moderate throughout. The accents for each voice sound authentic and are distinct enough from each other to make listening effortless.

The recording quality is very good, and there aren’t any unexpected sounds on the recording. There is one sentence that is repeated twice in chapter 8 of “Mishaps and Memories,” but that is the only obvious mistake. The remainder of the recording is excellent. The narrator does a wonderful job of communicating the heart and essence of each story in a way that drives home the importance of communication, kind words and acceptance.

Carey Sullivan