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Melanie Krasinski returns home after a trip around the world to find that her brother’s rock band, Turn It Up, has become an international sensation. She reconnects with an old crush, Matt Conlin, the band’s bass guitarist, and their chemistry is off the charts! They want to see where things lead, hiding their burgeoning relationship from Melanie’s friends and family, but soon it’s obvious.

Eternally Yours
Harper A. Brooks and
Olivia Boothe

A love she never saw coming… Loren Stone should have never gone for that coffee break. When the pediatric nurse stopped to save a devastatingly handsome stranger from what should have been mortal injuries, she ends up being mauled by a larger than imaginable, vicious wolf-like creature.

Piper Holland is stuck in a traffic jam when she spots a good Samaritan in a military uniform singlehandedly pushing a stalled vehicle out of the way. When she tries reward the Samaritan, however, she finds herself with her money back and a date with the handsome pilot instead.

Against the Dark Devourer
Margaret L.

Deborah has always known the extraordinary psi-powers she shares with her sister sets her apart, but it isn’t until their mother dies suddenly that Deborah learns she’s meant o fulfill a destiny to battle the darkness. However, she has no clue what that destiny entails and no interest in such a fate. Yet avoiding evil is difficult when a rival psi group has her in its sights.

Jek is a humble lighthouse steward on the southern coast of Jast-Madiir along with his assigned wife, Aaliyah… or was it Audrey? Jek has little expectations living under an iron-fisted dictatorship, a global dragon-Inquisition, and a paperwork obsessed clerical order of flying jellyfish-like creatures.