Perfect Tragedy


Sienna hears the small town Montana rumor mill saying that the house next door has been sold. She gets up early and attempts to wake her brother before moving outdoors quickly. The tree house their father built for them is the perfect place to spot signs of kids who may be moving in. Her brother Jack joins her and is curious too. She and Jack are two peas in pod and get along great. When a boy’s voice from below startles them, they meet the new neighbor, Blake. Blake instantly becomes their third musketeer, having found a new family to love. As they grow older, the three are always there to support each other, until distance wins out and life, of course, moves on… or does it?

Each chapter of “Perfect Tragedy” has dashes of both perfection and tragedy. At every turn, love, heartache, and loss are poignantly written. Though part of a series (each book by a different author), this book does stand alone. The characters are wonderfully detailed, and Ms. Millers’ writing style gives readers a front row seat for the action. As the story begins the kids are twelve and ten, so readers may feel this more of a YA story until the last third where things ramp up into adult content. Struggles and trials affect all three children no matter their ages, and as they they grow and make mature choices of their own, they discover that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t, leaving hearts feeling battered and raw. Wonderfully written and very moving, grab the tissue box!

Viola Robbins