Pride of Justice (Men of the Squadron Book 4)

Andrea K.

Rachel Berry is the adopted daughter of a Freetown missionaries, who was a former slave. Her English father sold Rachel and her African Mother into slavery. Rachel now helps former slaves at the mission and prepares them for life. She wants to reconnect with her mother’s family. Captain Christopher Halloren lost his right arm in a war against the French. He is now a member of the Royal Navy African Squadron, who patrols and stops slave traders, yet he lacks confidence himself. He is very charming man, and he’s attracted to Rachel from their very first meeting. Rachel’s father wants his daughter to be safe and protected when he is gone, and who better to fill that void than Captain Halloren?

“Pride of Justice” is a well-written historical romance with excellent characters that the reader will both love and hate. Andrea K. Stein has done a wonderful job in describing that time period and the people. The reader will love Rachel, who is like a touch of fresh air, but can be very tough when she needs to be. Her confidence in herself is admirable. One will enjoy the bickering between Rachel and the Captain. Sadly, although the bickering and bantering is fun and entertaining, and how they grow and bring out the best in each other is a joy to see, the chemistry between them feels fairly lacking. The story is also very emotional and full of heartache in some places, and then filled with action in others. “Pride of Justice” is Book 4 in the Men of Squadron series and can be read as a stand-alone.

Victoria Zumbrum