Visions of Christmastide: A Regency Christmas romance


Miss Felicity Cowan is companion to Mrs. Grayson. The old widow is crochety and hard to please, yet the two are close. Nearing spinsterhood with no prospects, Felicity clings to her deceased father’s business trying to make it a success. But when shipments go missing, Felicity storms to the dock to tell off the captain of the ship on which they were supposed to arrive. Captain Bartholomew Grayson, the son of Mrs. Grayson, cannot believe it when a woman barges into his office accusing him of mismanaging his ship. Tempers flare and both leave with a foul impression of the other. Little does either know they are soon to meet again. 

Sandra Sookoo’s delightful Christmastide Regency enemies to lovers romance is sure to warm reader’s hearts banishing winter chills. Though there is a clear Regency setting, it is the characters rather than the world building that truly brings this story to life. Every character has a lot of spirit and fire, but Ms. Sookoo has made each one unique and distinguishable, both in dialogue and characterization. The side characters bring the real charm to the story, helping to guide the protagonists to their happy ever after. The historical elements of the Regency era were present and accurate but subtle. The conflict felt a little over the top at times but never enough to feel completely unrealistic. The pacing moves at a good, steady clip, never rushing or dragging. “Visions of Christmastide” is a clear example of Ms. Sookoo’s mastery of character work.

Shailyn Rogers