Redeemed by Fire (The Fire Chronicles)


After losing her family, friends, and job, Casi leaves California and returns to New Orleans to start over again after a tragedy involving two children destroyed her life. The blame is solely put on Casi, and not the responsible party. She opens a shop and does fake tarot readings to get by. One night after work, Casi is attacked and taken to a basement where she is tied up. She manages to escape and goes to her best friend, Mason, who convinces her to go to the police. Detective Lucas and his partner are investigating a series of brutal murders with no leads in sight. Then they learn there is a witness who may be able to identify the killer, and they’ll do everything to protect her.

“Redeemed by Fire” is a brilliant story filled with everything one could ever want in a page-turning tale - romance, paranormal aspects, and plenty of suspense! The author has created a unique and interesting storyline that the reader will easily become absorbed in, and well-developed, complex characters with conflicts to overcome. The abuse suffered by Casi is described and very well portrayed by the author, yet it may upset some readers as they will feel Casi’s pain and heartache. The connection and attraction between Casi and Lucas are extremely hot and fairly steamed up the pages! “Redeemed by Fire” is Book 3 in the Fire Chronicles series and can be read as a stand-alone. An absolutely gripping and delightful tale to curl up with during these chilly Fall nights!

Victoria Zumbrum