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O Night Divine: A Collection of Spirited Christmas Tales
Kathryn LeVeque, Caroline Lee, Chasity Bowlin, Hildie McQueen, Maggi Andersen, Mary Lancaster, Meara Platt, Violetta Rand, Alexa Aston, Anna Markland, Anna St. Claire,
Aubrey Wynne, Charlotte Wren, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Elizabeth Johns, Elizabeth Keysian, Emily E K Murdoch, Emily Royal, Lynne Connolly, Maeve Greyson, Whitney Blake

This anthology features stories ranging from the battlefields and castles of Medieval Scotland to the glittering ballrooms of Regency England. Each story draws on Charles Dickens’ famous classic, “A Christmas Carol” to manifest the contentment and warmth of Christmas and the festive season within its pages.

Since her husband revealed himself to be a controlling monster, a disillusioned Elizabeth Howard has been trapped in a terrible marriage. When his gambling debts lead to her acquaintance with a gentleman, she shocks herself by engaging in a one-night affair with him and knows she can never repeat it.

Chloe Emerson has no intention of quietly submitting to the disagreeable marriage her guardians have arranged for her. Instead, she disguises herself as a boy and sets out to meet and seek help from her birth mother, only to find that the woman owns a house of ill repute and cannot aid her. Without assistance and still not knowing who her father is, Chloe is uncertain of her next move.

Texas Ranger Benjamin Edwards has been given one last assignment before retiring. He is to accompany Professor Jessie Reeves out in the field so Jessie can study the flora and fauna of Texas. No one is more surprised than Edwards upon learning Jessie Reeves is a woman!

Left behind in England, Greer is a prisoner of her evil Uncle Randolph. Greer is horrified by her uncle’s recent betrothal agreement for her to marry the greedy and cruel Bartholomew. Randolph is only concerned with the prestige the marriage will bring to him. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Greer’s mother, Cecille, is plotting with Teagon to rescue Greer.