Sand Salt and Spirits: Last Chance Beach Romance


It’s been a while since successful businessman Kyle Worthington has stepped foot on Last Chance Beach. However, family obligations demand he return for a fall festival, and he’s not particularly looking forward to it. Determined to get his family off of his back, and to stop being the butt of their jokes, Kyle brings Cassandra Corwin home as his pretend girlfriend. He doesn’t know a whole lot about her, though. This woman of mystery might be a bit too much for him to handle on top of all the Halloween shenanigans planned for the weekend. With a meddling grandmother and a father to impress, Kyle isn’t sure he’s going to make it. All they have to do is convince them for a few days. That can’t be hard, right?

Ms. Hills has written an energetic romance that has all of the charm of the small town it’s set in! While “Sand, Salt and Spirits” plays on the fake relationship trope, Cassie and Kyle’s story follows its own rhythm in enough ways to make it refreshing. Their chemistry is genuine, not only with each other, but also the side characters. Especially their banter! A good portion of the book is spent on all of the townspeople and the events that bring the setting to life. It makes for great world building for this fun-spooky Halloween tale, but some readers might find it drags the pacing of the story a little. Overall, the book is full of high energy that makes it hard to put down. Ms. Hills’ way with words is captivating from start to finish! This is a great read for fans of small town romances, and romantic comedies!

Chelsea Andersen