Who Me? Fog Bows, Fraud and Aphrodite (Macavity and Me Mystery #2)


Bryn Baczek, a consultant living on a houseboat in Seattle, is up late one night when she overhears a heated argument on a neighbor's boat, followed by silence and then a loud splash! What follows is a missing woman, some scuba diving in the middle of the night, an interesting sculpture, a non-profit organization with some possible embezzlement, and a compelling investigation. Follow Bryn as her curiosity gets the best of her and she falls into the role of Sherlock Holmes trying to uncover the mystery of what happened that night.

Charlotte Stuart presents a classic whodunit in a very lighthearted tone, making this a very fast paced and enjoyable read. Add in some interesting characters, including Bryn’s ill-tempered cat, Macavity, and her ailing goldfish, Bubbles IV, this book is definitely not lacking in its charm. Told through a first-person perspective, the reader is able to gain some insight into Bryn’s psyche, creating a narrative that is easy to get swept up in. Side characters, including some very close friends of Bryn, her landlord, and a police officer keep the story flowing with their easygoing banter. “Who Me? Fog Bows, Fraud and Aphrodite” creates the perfect cozy mystery for a rainy day and a warm blanket. While this book is the second in a series, it could certainly be read as a stand-alone novel itself, and with its short length and fast pace, this book makes going from cover to cover in one day relatively easy. The plot twist is one you will not see coming!

Jennifer Shepherd