The Witch of Rathborne Castle


Lady Jane Lenwood lives at Rathborne Castle. Through circumstances brought on by a dastardly duke, she is left penniless. The forest where her home resides is full of darkness and mystery. Lady Jane has a secret, she has a voice in her mind that tells her the future, and it forewarns of a visitor arriving at her gates that will greatly impact her destiny. That visitor is Max Radley, a wounded man who ends up spending the winter snowed in at the castle. When deception and treason try to bring down the residents of Rathborne, Jane and Max must work together to put an end to it once and for all.

Ms. Barlow has created a deeply enriched world full of romance and intrigue! Her writing is easy to read and snappy, making the pace quick and engaging! Jane and Max’s relationship is one that is thoroughly tested, resulting in a strong chemistry and a romance founded on solid ground which makes them easy to root for. Max is a swoon worthy male lead, and his dedication to Jane is endearing. Jane at times can be hit or miss as a protagonist. For the most part, she is easy to relate to. However, she has a few moments in the book where she comes across as immature and that might be a turn off for some readers. Together, they must overcome a mystery full of twists and turns that keep the pages turning. As the story progresses, everything falls into place.  It is this tight, wrapping up of the novel’s events that makes the journey worthwhile!

Chelsea Andersen