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Someone is threatening to kill Ed Leviner, a talented young pitcher with the potential to play for the Major Leagues, and it is private detective Eli Sharpe’s job to discover the culprit.

Dr. Elizabeth Montrose has a rare form of cancer and is working with the military to discover why shifters don’t get sick and why they heal faster.

PARANORMAL: After traveling to the Holy Land, Thomas De Wolfe finds himself once again at home, but not sure how he got there.

Lexi Winslow is a bank fraud investigator, and she is good at her job. So much so that her company's biggest client has asked her to travel to Sumatra, even though it’s for a personal issue, not work related.

Riding Babyface
Wanda Snow

INSPIRATIONAL/HISTORICAL:  Winna Beckman’s dream is to become a horse trainer.  Just as Winna is facing both growing up and entering high school, her father announces that they will be moving to the California coast to run an apple orcha