Passion Storm


Karina Valdez loves adventure, and winning a trip to the Bahamas is a dream come true. However, winning it in a dating contest she never entered is not something that makes her happy, especially when it’s a blind date with a complete stranger. When her fellow contest winner turns out to be sexy meteorologist Andrew Romano, whose playboy reputation precedes him, she’s reluctant to go. But Andrew has been unfairly labeled a lothario because of his friends and is really looking to marry and settle down with the woman of his dreams. Now, all he has to do is convince Karina she’s the one for him. 


This jaunty contemporary love story takes off from the first page and keeps the pages turning until the very end. With likeable characters (that could use a little more depth), one easily overlooks the unrealistic short time frame for the relationship development from dislike to love. In addition, there are a few areas where the writing style is jarring and causes some faltering in the flow, but the charming storyline carries the reader over the rough spots and draws one in as the protagonists travel their path to finding true love.  


Containing sizzling attraction, romantic scenarios, and smoldering bedroom scenes, this delightful tale captures the reader and leaves one with a contented sigh and a smile in the heart when all is said and done. 


Janna Shay