The Seventh Son (Norman Conquest #4)


Betrothed at birth and betrayed by secrets, Tisa O’Brien loses everything she has ever loved in a matter of minutes. Tadhg MacNaughton loses his father and gains the title of chieftain of his clan - a clan that struggles to survive since the severing of a long-lasting alliance with the O’Brien clan. He must bow down to Roland O’Brien and beg for assistance, losing himself in the process in order to stop the clan Meic Lochlainn, a savage brood from the north that has plans to conquer the lands around them and conspire with others to aim at becoming the next king. 


A powerful and gripping tale of clan politics and the battle amongst the isles and the King, Ms. York creates a compelling tale of intrigue and deceit. The web of relationships created by the marriages of the different female characters dictates so much of the action that it draws the reader in easily. The complexity of the clan dynamics and certain story threads that seem cut short are the only slipping points in an otherwise divine romance novel. The truly complex relationship that Tisa has with her husband creates a unique plot point that is handled with a true artist’s touch. Yet, true love will always find a way to conquer and the seventh son of the seventh son is truly blessed. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto