Flame's Dawn: A Hell to Pay Novella


Specialist Jane Larson and Captain Barnaby Blackstone meet in the midst of the Vietnam War and seek succor in each other’s arms from the harsh realities of warfare.  

Their one night of bliss gives Barnaby hope for respite from his life as an indebted killer for the devil. As the years pass, Barnaby continues to think about the woman who ignited a fire in his soul, and his sixth sense tells him she’s in danger. When he finds her committed to an asylum and in the clutches of a cult leader, he must save her from the darkness that engulfs her and reveal his deepest secret.


This paranormal romance takes a fresh approach to the demon-lover scenario with a man who sells his soul to the devil and becomes an indebted killer. Not a light-hearted read by any means, this dark tale of love starts out a bit slow as the necessary background is introduced but quickly picks up speed as the story unfolds. There are a few disjointed areas that might make the reader’s focus wander, but not enough to hinder the appeal of this intriguing tale. With well-developed characters and an intense, action-packed storyline, one easily gets pulled into the plot and turns the pages rapidly. However, as a prequel, the reader must continue with the series to get to the happily ever after. Notwithstanding, this enthralling novel is a must read and is sure to please romance and paranormal readers alike. 


Janna Shay