Wyatt (Men of Clifton, Montana #4)


WESTERN:  Olivia Roberts is a woman who knows what she wants, and she’s definitely set her sights on Wyatt Stone. However, sexy Wyatt has had his heart crushed before and is not willing to take a chance on a heartbreaker like Olivia. In spite of that, Olivia is positive that Wyatt finds her attractive and secretly harbors a desire for her. Determined to have him at any cost, she sets out to seduce him. With a relentless pursuit and determination to hold on to him after she wins him over, she just might trigger the catalyst that turns him away.


The hate-to-love romance is an often told tale, but this novel adds a lot of heat to ignite the pages as they are turned. With some relationship improbabilities in the constantly reoccurring, instantaneous turnarounds from hate to lust and hot to cold, plus the inclusion of God’s name while cursing, not all readers might find this appealing. However, the entertaining interaction between the protagonists is non-stop and holds one’s attention. The fourth book in the “Montana” series, it stands alone and delights the senses with sizzling sexual chemistry, a plot that moves steadily, scorching hot bedroom scenes, and some unexpected drama. Even though this is an easy read, one needs to hold onto one’s seat because this enjoyable novel follows a bumpy path to happily ever after and has one sighing with pleasure when all is said and done.


Janna Shay