Snowdrops in Summer


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Angelica, Lisa and Claire are three friends from the not-so-good side of the tracks near South Wales.  Pulling together to help a friend with a personal mystery which starts as a simple investigation but spins their adventure into more clients than they expected. Personally, the ladies are struggling with their own past misfortunes, ungrateful children and dead-end jobs while the dream of steady work has them aspiring to a better station in life.  Can they manage their new-found income and live a better life, or will fate step in to bar their new found freedom?

An epic, bittersweet, happily-ever-after, "Snowdrops in Summer" is an original sedate tale of best friends.  Slow to start, readers may ponder what the dynamics are and how this plot evolves.  It’s only several chapters in that one realizes all three are the focal.  All are strongly portrayed with their flaws and determination shining through. However, most villains are introduced early in a story thread and this plot did not follow that formula, inserting the catalyst late in the book.  This factor is a bit frustrating, and readers may feel it causes the conflict to be somewhat stilted.  There are several editing issues that another copy edit should catch.  The most glaring errors are those that change the meaning, for example referring to a character's “Latino” looks then later stating it as “Italian” looks, as well as a cup of coffee changing into a cup of tea.  The plot twist in this tale will leave readers breathless, teary eyed, and reeling, as the final scenes cannot be anticipated.  

Jordyn Teel