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Snowdrops in Summer

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Angelica, Lisa and Claire are three friends from the not-so-good side of the tracks near South Wales.  Pulling together to help a friend with a personal mystery which starts as a

The Shiva Syndrome

SCI-FI/PARANORMAL/THRILLER:  Something horrific has happened to the small Russian city of Podolsk and the potential for the same fate to befall the rest of the planet grows exponentially as time goes by. 

Mission Trip
Theo Jr.

CHRISTIAN/DYSTOPIAN:  Nearly thirty years after the fall of the worlds’ governments, most of the planet has been reduced to roving bands of savages - some simply trying to survive, others out to kill.

TIME TRAVEL:  This is the conclusion to the historical love story between William Wallace and Eva MacKay, as William continues his battle to free Scotland from English tyranny and suppression.

Love For Sale

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Newly divorced and just turned 40, March Morgan wonders if she’ll ever find true love.