Mission Trip

Theo Jr.

CHRISTIAN/DYSTOPIAN:  Nearly thirty years after the fall of the worlds’ governments, most of the planet has been reduced to roving bands of savages - some simply trying to survive, others out to kill. The few governments still standing are only interested in acquiring control over the technology owned by an constantly moving undersea world, which houses all the Christians who survived the end of civilization. Landon is a Captain and Senator on the undersea world. He remembers Earth as the place that killed his wife. He has little hope of any change.


Set in the not too distant future, it’s not a true dystopian—Landon is not fighting against the “utopian” rules of his own civilization—but it’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, and not truly a romance. Some on the undersea world want to reconnect with those on land and want to begin healing mankind. Landon’s son is one of them, making the traditional Christian father/son arc pivotal. The pacing and action are fast, moving the story at a quick clip while still allowing readers to absorb everything. The background of how everything on Earth collapsed is sprinkled in seamlessly, never dumping. Christian readers who are not of an evangelical bent could be turned off by the acerbic anti-government slant in the backstory. Lessening that, making it less divisive, would lose nothing of the pure Christianity in it, nor upset the storyline—which has the beginnings of Landon’s journey of the lost faith he is trying to find. It is a cliffhanger, so reader beware that when falling in love with this story of faith and healing, it isn’t over.


Julie York